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I love board gaming! I would do it every day if I could.

Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why

TW: Suicide, Rape. 13 Reasons Why is a new Netflix series that is powerful and emotional, and also problematic. It’s the story of Hannah Baker, a girl who commits suicide, but not before leaving behind 13 tapes explaining the 13 … Continue reading

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People Standing Around

A few months back, I started going to, and in that same time period, stopped going to a friendly local game store in Tampa, FL. Armada Games. Which, by the way has an amazing and friendly staff, with an incredibly … Continue reading

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Why Every SAW Knock-Off Sucks

After SAW came out in 2004, people went insane with knock-offs, each one trying to be gorier and more greusome than the last. It was the height of the “torture porn” genre. Everyone and their mothers was making one of … Continue reading

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Why Comparing Console Specs Is a Waste of Time

Playstation just announced its new, upgraded, version of the PS4, called “PS4 Pro,” and of course, all anyone can talk about are its specs, and that’s fine, I mean, that’s the whole deal, right? A PS4 with better specs, more … Continue reading

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7 Stupid Realities of the Wizarding World

J.K. Rowling’s magical world of Harry Potter seems like every child’s dream, but there’s some often overlooked stupidities and inconveniences that exist there. Here are 7 stupid Realities of the Wizarding World: 1.There’s No Electricity J.K. Rowling says electricity makes … Continue reading

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List of TCGs and ECGs

Here is a list of currently-supported TCGs, ECGs, LCGs, etc. If I missed something, please feel free to comment, or send me a message and let me know what I missed. The entries on this list will provide links to … Continue reading

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TCGs vs. ECGs – A Comparison

Before I start, let me say that what I say in this post is based on my own personal experience, and that your experience may very well be different. Nonetheless, I think this information is valuable, and I’d like to … Continue reading

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