WIPLW (4/18/2016 – 4/24/2016)

Not a lot of gaming this week.


Love Letter: Batman
Love Letter: Batman2-4 Players • 20 Minutes

IMG_20160424_203344480Designed by Seiji Kanai

I like this game, despite it having a few mechanics I normally dislike. I think the theme and graphic design really help it a lot. It’s still pretty luck-based, but it’s simple and quick enough that it doesn’t bother me. I lost, by a lot, but I had a good time playing.





Bohnanza2-7 Players • 20-45 Minutes

IMG_20160423_174754083Designed by Uwe Rosenberg

I still have yet to win this game, but I enjoy it every time I play. I haven’t figured out a great strategy yet, though. Sometimes I’ll try not to buy the 3rd Bean Field, and it seems to work okay, but not always.

In this game, I found myself not harvesting a lot, just because I couldn’t fill up my fields. I always had to harvest earlier than I wanted to.







Mermaid Rain
Mermaid Rain3-6 Players • 45 Minutes

Designed by Keiji Kariya and Hitoshi Yasuda

I bought this on a semi-whim, after watching a good review. It’s an interesting game, and I think we might have been doing some things wrong. I was the only player who actually enjoyed it, even if it was only somewhat.

There are some interesting things in the game, but it felt like some of the decisions didn’t mean anything, and the mechanics were mostly pointless. But I want to believe they weren’t pointless.


Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis
Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis2-5 Players • 30-45 Minutes

Designed by Matt Hyra

Going into this game, I was actually kind of excited. I know most of the IP’s, and it was really cool to see a lot of familiar cartoons I recognized. There were some things I didn’t know, like Clarence, though.  Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed. It has “silly rules,” as the Dice Tower calls them; rules that make you do stupid stuff for the sake of doing stupid stuff.

I’m not a fan of deck builders in general, and what I really didn’t like about this was that, you can just be punished and punished, to the point where you have no chance of catching up, and no chance of stopping the other players, and I just can’t get behind that.

Luckily, we didn’t finish, because the store was closing.

Ninja All-Stars
Ninja All-Stars2-4 Players • 90 Minutes

Designed by John Cadice, David Freeman, and Deke Stella

IMG_20160423_230329391I liked the idea of this game. In theory, it sounded cool, but I am not usually a fan of dice-based combat, especially mostly-random, “roll, and hope for the best” combat. This was even worse, because, not only can you miss, but your dice can be cancelled. On top of that, if you don’t roll the right type of hits, your dice can not only be a bad result, but they can actually hurt you.

Halfway through the first round, I realized the game would have taken a ridiculously long time to complete, if we had finished all 9 rounds. And I just wasn’t willing to play a game I didn’t enjoy for that long, luckily the other players understood, and we stopped after the first round.


No Thanks! x2
No Thanks!3-5 Players • 15 Minutes

Designed by Thorsten Gimmler

Always a good way to end the night. No Thanks! is just the perfect, quick, filler game, and I wish I had a copy again. Anyway, it was a nice way to end the night and the week.


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