WIPLW (3/21/2016 – 4/3/2016)

Here’s what I played last week.


Regular Game of Thrones LCG meetup at Cool Stuff.

GoT LCG 2nd Ed. x5
A Game of Thrones the Card Game 2nd Edition2-4 Players • 30-60 Minutes

Designed by Nate French and Eric M. Lang

Tried out some different decks. I got crushed in a few games, but the ones I won were big wins. There was one game against a Stark or Night’s Watch deck (can’t remember which), that I could’ve sworn I was gonna lose, but I pulled out Balon (playing Greyjoy), and from there, I kept building presence. I ended up winning.
All around a good time. No picture, sorry.



Regular board game meetup at Cool Stuff.

Bohnanza2-7 Players • 15-60 Minutes

Designed by Uwe Rosenberg

I always enjoy this game. It’s really simple, but really fun. We had a new player come in, and he was really chill.

Overall a good time. I lost, but I tied for last with 2 other players, so it wasn’t too bad.


Remember to upload pics once you get your phone back.



Stockpile2-5 Players • 45 Minutes

Designed by Seth Van Orden

I wanted to play this one again, because I just backed the expansion on Kickstarter (get on that!). I really like this game. It’s a stock market game, but it truly is a family-weight game. I could play this with my mom, or my relatives who don’t play a lot of board games. And it’s quick, usually about 45 Minutes.

Remember to post pics when you get your phone back.

GoT LCG 2nd Ed. x2
A Game of Thrones the Card Game 2nd Edition2-4 Players • 30-60 Minutes

Designed by Nate French and Eric M. Lang

I built a new deck (Lannister -Banner of the Dragon), which focuses on taking advantage of Crone of the Vaes Dothrak‘s ability to place discarded/pillaged cards in the opponents dead pile. I opened amazingly, with Gregor, Tywin, Tyrion, The King’s Road, etc. I basically played Trading with the Pentoshi and wrecked face hard. The second game, my opponent basically killed my field very quickly, with no coming back.
Sorry, no pic.


Some friends came over early for my Birthday, which was the next day. We played a few games before going to bed.

Broom Service
Broom Service2-5 Players • 30-75 Minutes

IMG_20160401_222957127_HDRDesigned by Andreas Pelikan and Alexander Pfister

Had a crack at this one again. Still not great with the strategy, but I like that it’s the kind of game where you can revise your strategy with each play. It’s a very spacial game, which I like, but I’m not great with.

I really like how there’s the risk vs. reward aspect of playing bravely. If you get it, it’s great, but it’s a risk, because if someone else also has that card, you don’t get anything and you just wasted your action, so knowing when to play cowardly and when to play bravely is a big deal.





Viticulture2-6 Players • 90 Minutes

IMG_20160401_232407071_HDRDesigned by Jamey Stagmaier and Alan Stone

Viticulture is, as I’ve said in the past, one of my favorite worker placement games. I love how much there is to do, and just how strongly the theme comes through. Overall just one of my favorites.






It was my birthday! I invited a bunch of people over to play games and celebrate, and it was fantastic! 11 people showed up, and I think everyone had a blast! I know I did.

Codenames2+ players • 15 Minutes

Designed by Vlada Chvatil

We started with a big group, and it just kept growing as we were playing. Then it just got so big we had to split into groups. I had a good time, but the words I had to get my team to guess were really hard and disconnected.

We ended up losing, no surprise there. But I had fun.




Flash Point: Fire Rescue
Flash Point1-6 Players • 45 Minutes

IMG_20160402_162506302_HDRDesigned by Kevin Lanzing

I like Flash Point, but I’m getting a little burnt out on it. I might need to pick up an expansion or two to keep it fresh. I’d still say it’s one of my favorite cooperative games.

In this game, we were so close to winning, and then a bad dice roll killed our 4th victim, and we lost it. Good game, though.








Quartermaster General
Quartermaster General2-6 Players • 90 Minutes

Designed by Ian Brody

Quartermaster General Stock PhotoI played U.S. for the first time. They’re interesting, but I didn’t love them. The Allies lost big time, although we were pulling pretty close behind for most of it, but Italy and Japan were pulling points out the wazoo, and we just didn’t stand a chance.

Really fun time, though, and we played with the discard 4 rule, where you can discard any 4 cards in your hand to search your deck and play a Build Army, Build Navy, Land Battle, or Sea Battle card from your deck. It wasn’t used as much as I expected it to be. I think the biggest thing this game needs is a mulligan rule.




Spyfall x3
Spyfall3-8 Players • 10 Minutes

Designed by Alexandr Ushan

The spy won once, the other players won twice. Good games all around, I really like this one.




Bohnanza2-7 Players • 45 Minutes

Designed Uwe Rosenberg

Interesting game, and this one can really change depending on the players. There can be some jerks or none at all, and it really makes a difference. It’s a great game either way.

I like Bohnanza more and more every time I play, but I still haven’t won.




Quantum2-4 Players • 60 Minutes

IMG_20160402_210338279_HDRDesigned by Eric Zimmerman

I enjoy this game, it’s pretty cool. It was my first time playing with 4 players, and actually my first time playing in real life, before this I had only played on Board Game Arena. Good time. I cam close to winning, but then I lost it big time. I had fun though.






Istanbul2-5 Players • 40-60 Minutes

IMG_20160402_231650364Designed by Rüdiger Dorn

I got this one for my birthday! I really enjoy it. We played with the recommended starting set-up, but in future games, I’ll definitely play with a random set-up, since the recommended one makes any exploitable combos really easy.

I had fun. I don’t think I’ve ever won this game, but I always have fun playing.








Played a few more games before the end of the week.

Five Tribes
Five Tribes2-4 Players • 40-80 Minutes

IMG_20160403_140140302Designed by Bruno Cathala

My friend really wanted to play this, and since it’s one of my favorite games, I had no problem with that. I love this game, because there’s so many different strategies to try, and every games you can go in a different direction.

The player who won stockpiled goods, and bid 0 a lot, saving money, in the bids. My strategy was to get my camels out on the board quickly and collect Viziers to score points at the end. I did a little bit of a few other strategies throughout the game, but those were the main things.


Imperial Settlers
Imperial Settlers2-4 Players • 45-90 Minutes

IMG_20160403_161913821_HDRDesigned by Ignacy Trzewiczek

Another one of my favorite games. I played Egyptians and I never realized how awesome they actually are! I built so many faction buildings, and everything seemed really cheap, because my production was really good.

I still haven’t played with the Atlanteans expansion since the first time, and I really want to try it again.


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