WIPLW (3/21/2016 – 3/27/2016)

Here’s what I played last week.


Regular Game of Thrones meetup at Cool Stuff.

AGoT LCG 2nd Ed. x5
A Game of Thrones the Card Game 2nd Edition2-4 Players • 30-60 Minutes

Designed by Nate French and Eric M. Lang

IMG_20160315_185509006_HDRPlayed some good games. I lost I think 3 of the 5, so I need to work on my decks, but they’re coming along pretty nicely.

I’ve been working on Greyjoy Fealty from the beginning, and it’s finally coming into a nice groove. I’m finally zeroing in on what it needs and how to achieve that.






Regular Wednesday meetup at Cool Stuff. Got there a little early to play some Game of Thrones.

AGoT LCG 2nd Ed.
A Game of Thrones the Card Game 2nd Edition2-4 Players • 30-60 Minutes

IMG_20160323_152458144_HDRDesigned by Nate French and Eric M. Lang

I played my revized Greyjoy deck and it did pretty well, but I discovered that Baratheon is a difficult matchup for it, because they have In the Name of Your King! which ends a military challenge. It’s honestly a really devastating card, especially when I play Sneak Attack as my plot.

I definitely need to add a third The Hand’s Judgement and probably one more Littlefinger and I’ll probably add a second Aeron Damphair.



Five Tribes
Five Tribes2-4 Players • 40-80 Minutes

IMG_20160323_181621857Designed by Bruno Cathala

I love this game more and more every time I play it. It’s such a puzzle, but it’s a really fun puzzle to play. I love looking for complex ways to move and manipulate the meeples, it’s just a blast. If there was some way to cut the downtime, this game would be incredible. But the down time isn’t terrible.






Quartermaster General
Quartermaster General2-6 Players • 90 Minutes

Designed by Ian Brody

I played Japan. I really like Japan, even though I know some people don’t, but I enjoy just sitting back and waiting for things to happen.

Quartermaster General Stock PhotoI really enjoy this game, but it absolutely needs a mulligan rule, and I strongly believe it needs the designers added rule that you can discard any 4 cards to search your deck for a Build Army, Build Navy, Land Battle, or Sea Battle card. That takes away a lot of the luck, because this game is very luck-driven.






XCOM: The Board Game
XCOM1-4 Players  • 90 Minutes

IMG_20160323_205616540_HDRDesigned by Eric M. Lang

This one was decent. It’s a difficult cooperative game. And I think it’s really about resource management. You can’t overextend too much, but you also can’t spend too little, because you need to complete objectives.

I like it well enough, but it’s not a game I would play very often.





Eight-Minute Empires: Legends x2
Eight-Minute Empire2-4 Players • 16-32 Minutes

IMG_20160323_222826594_HDRDesigned by Ryan Laukat

This is a really interesting area control game. It’s all based on cards, and area control isn’t all there is in the game. You also have to manage how you’re scoring points and it’s weird, but it’s a good game. And it’s quick enough that it’s not too bad.

It’s a decent filler game.










Friends came over for the big meetup the next day. We played a few.

The Hobbit
The Hobbit2-5 Players • 45 Minutes

IMG_20160325_192215831_HDRDesigned by Reiner Knizia

I didn’t enjoy this game. There’s too much luck, or I think more accurately, hope. You play cards and just hope you played the right one. The only way to know for sure if you played the right card is if you have the 60 or the 1, because that’s the only way to guarantee you played the highest or lowest card. But realistically, the outcome could be good or bad. During that part of the game, you’re traveling along a pathway, collecting, or losing 3 types of items.

After that, you roll dice, and hope you get the right symbols. You have rerolls and there are some cards that change the outcomes, but it’s still mostly luck.


Cargo Noir
Cargo Noir2-5 Players • 30-90 Minutes

IMG_20160325_212624989_HDRDesigned by Serge Laget

I like the betting system in this game. The end game is kind of weird, I wish it was different, because it kind of disrupts the normal play. But I do really like the game.

I ended up winning, but I didn’t expect to. I only bought one expensive card the whole game, and the other players started building up the Syndicate and Cargo Ship cards earlier than I did.





pic2592080_lg2-5 Players • 30 Minutes

Stefan Dorra

Nyet! is a pretty interesting trick-taking game. I like the system, and how the players decide on the trump, super trump, and so on.

IMG_20160325_221932036_HDRIt was a little challenging playing with someone who had never played a trick-taking game before, because they didn’t understand the typical aspects of trick-taking.

Nonetheless, I did enjoy the game, and I’d like to play again.




Big monthly meetup at Cool Stuff. Had a blast!

The Gallerist
pic2503200_lg1-4 Players • 120 Minutes

IMG_20160326_150216709Designed by Vital Lacerda

I had been wanting to play this one since I saw the Gaming Rules! YouTube video for it. It was really cool, but quite long; it took us about 4 hours to finish. The time didn’t bother me, though, cuz I enjoyed it a lot. It’s a really cool game, but one you definitely have to play a few times to get the gist of.

I like the kick-out system, where a player can take the same spot you took, but by kicking you out, you get to also take an action.

I definitely want to play this one again!




Mystery of the Abbey
Mystery of the Abbey3-6 Players • 120 Minutes

IMG_20160326_165436755Designed by Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget

I enjoy this one. It’s a good game if you like logical deduction. I knew who the killer was, by the end, too, but someone else got there before me. Gahhh! Oh well, I still had fun.







Blood Rage
Blood Rage2-4 Players • 60-120 Minutes

IMG_20160326_191323871Designed by Eric M. Lang

Yeah yeah, Blood Rage, again. I focused on quests early on, and on a lose-battle, gain glory strategy. It payed off, as I ended up winning.

I’m almost always up for Blood Rage, it’s just such a solid system. There was one player at the table, though, who clearly didn’t want to be playing, and didn’t give a shit about the game, and that bothered me.





Broom Service
pic2546156_lg2-5 Players • 30-75 Minutes

IMG_20160326_211340671Designed by Andreas Pelikan and Alexander Pfister

This one was really interesting. I didn’t quite grasp it in the beginning, but I figured it out around the middle. I’d definitely have to play again to really understand the strategy, but I liked it. It’s a cool system.









After this game, we decided to head back home, and a friend tagged along. We played a few more games before crashing around 2 am.

Bohnanza2-7 Players • 45 Minutes

IMG_20160326_232609671Designed by Uwe Rosenberg

Bohnanza is a great game. I love the negotiation and the strategy of trying to get rid of Beans, while trying to build them up, to get the most money out of them.

It’s a fantastic game, and surprising that it plays such a high number of players.

I’d definitely like to get a copy of this one.








pic2401338_lg2-4 Players • 20 Minutes

IMG_20160327_245103347_HDRDesigned by Darren Kisgen

When the artwork for a game is my favorite part, that’s probably a bad sign. It’s not a bad game, but it was just a little boring to me. And half the time, players are just spending a few turns drawing cards one at a time.

I wanted to like it going in, and it might be that my expectations were different (not high or low, just different from what the game offered). I wanted to like it, but it really fell flat.





Flip City

Flip City1-4 Players • 30-50 Minutes

pic2499620_lgDesigned by Chih-Fan Chen

Let me start by saying that, I am not a fan of deck builders. I like a few of them, but the system as a whole, especially with games that have a random set of cards you can buy from, is not for me. Luckily, Flip City had a very cool and interesting take on the genre, one that I really enjoyed.

The game plays differently from normal deckbuilders, and has a strong element of press-your-luck, in a manner similar to Dead Man’s Draw. You’re drawing cards, one at a time, off the top of your deck, gaining money or victory for each card played, but if you play too much unhappiness, your turn ends.

It’s fascinating. My only qualm is that there’s a bit too much down time (one of my main problems with a lot of deckbuilders), and I really want to try playing this game simultaneously, as more of a race to see who wins first. I think the game would work really well like that. Unfortunately, none of the other players at the table thought that was a good idea.

I forgot to take a picture, so I’m just gonna flip the box cover upside down.


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