WIPLW (2/29/2016 – 3/7/2016)


Regular Wednesday meetup at Cool Stuff. Sorry, I really slacked off with the pictures this time.

pic2614165_lg2-4 Players • 45-60 Minutes

IMG_20160302_181256006Designed by Mary Flanagan, Zara Downs, and Max Seidman

This was my second time playing. This time I played with a friend who I found out is actually a game designer, and has designed quite a bit. Nothing published, but still really inspiring. Anyway, we discussed the design of the game as we played, talked about what should be changed, what’s wrong with it, and so on. It’s not an amazing game, but it was a great experience to bounce ideas around like that.




Age of War
pic1977202_md2-6 Players • 45-60 Minutes

Designed by Reiner Knizia

I’m not a fan of this game. It should be a filler, but takes longer than a filler should. We played a variant that speeds it up a bit, and I liked it a lot better this way. Basically, if you roll everything you need on a card, you can take that card right away.

Forgot to take a photo, sorry.


Fireteam Zero x2
pic22080552-4 Players • 90 Minutes

Designed by Mike Langlois and Christian Leonhard

We actually did pretty good this time. I swear, I made one mistake that probably could’ve saved us the game.

Oh well, better luck next time.

No pic again, sorry.


7 Wonders
pic860217_lg2-7 Players • 30 Minutes

IMG_20160302_215041403_HDRDesigned by Antoine Bauza

I dunno what happened. I used to be good at this game, but lately I’ve been losing really really bad. And it’s sad, I’ve played so many times, I know what a good strategy is.

Anyway, I love it! This is one of my favorite games, even if I do lose a lot.







A friend hosted game night at his house. The main reason for it was to play Eclipse.

Eclipse x2
pic1974056_lg2-6 Players • 45 Minutes per player

IMG_20160305_235711509_HDRIMG_20160305_162936527_HDRDesigned by Touko Tahkokallio

The first game took about 4 and a half hours, but that’s about what we expected. It was a really awesome, epic game! I wanted to play again right away, but we played a few other games before the second game.

The second game was the last game of the night, and it was equally awesome, but I made a crucial mistake of not putting out much of a defense at all. I had a really great alien power, but without defenses, it was very vulnerable.

Either way, I had a blast, and I can’t wait to play again.

I was Yellow in both games.



Champions of Midgard
pic25482232-4 Players • 60-90 Minutes

IMG_20160305_180409055Designed by Ole Steiness

I wanted to play something a little lighter before jumping into the next big game, and one of the guys in our group is, let’s call him “picky” (he pretty much only likes direct-conflict Ameritrash games), so we played Champions of Midgard, because there was a chance he’d like it. He didn’t, but I had a decent time playing.






Fireteam Zero x2
pic22080551-4 Players • 90 Minutes

IMG_20160305_192401001Designed by Mike Langlois and Christian Leonhard

Once again we failed. This time with 4 players. But I think we learned what we need to do for the next time we play. This game is brutal and hard, and unforgiving, but really good.

We’re only on the second part of the first scenario, and now I’ve played that map 5 times and lost every time. it’s a hard game!





Met up with some friends for another game of Eclipse.

pic1974056_lg2-6 Players • 45 Minutes per player

IMG_20160306_182204774IMG_20160306_185158519Designed by Touko Tahkokallio

I played the same alien race as last time, and I did much better with them this time, although I still lost. But we realized we were playing a few rules slightly wrong, and one big thing about my alien race was that I can influence tiles with Ancients on them without fighting them, but the part we messed up is that, I’m supposed to collect the reward from them, even without fighting them. That would have made a big difference.

I think I like this game better with 4 players than 3, but 3 wasn’t bad.


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