WIPLW (2/22/2016 – 2/28/2016)

Here’s what I played last week.


Regular Wednesday meetup at Cool Stuff. Progress, QG, Blood Rage

Progress: Evolution of Technology
pic20429661-6 Players • 90 Minutes

IMG_20160224_181545678_HDRDesigned by Angeszka Kopera and Savid Szilgyl

Progress was an odd game. It felt like a watered down 7 Wonders, like they took elements from 7 Wonders, like the Chain mechanism, and the theme, but made it simpler.

It was an okay game, not great, but not terrible. I’d play again. I don’t love that you have to discard cards from your hand to pay for other cards in your hand, and I wish the cards you played to the table were useful after the fact, aside from just being able to build certain other cards.


Quartermaster General
pic2020915_md2-6 Players • 90 Minutes

IMG_20160224_193325936Designed by Ian Brody

I played Soviets again, and I was doing fairly well in the beginning, but Germany got their broken combo that lets them do 3 actions on one turn (Build, Attack, Invade), and after that, I quickly got wiped off the map.

The one thing I’ve learned playing Soviet Russia is that they can’t do it alone. They absolutely must have support from the UK or US. Their teammates must put pressure on Germany.

The game got a little heated near the end, but I enjoyed it.





Blood Rage
pic2439223_lg2-4 Players • 90-120 Minutes

IMG_20160224_205947702Designed by Eric M. Lang

I played kind of poorly in Age 1, despite getting 2 of the most powerful cards, “Frigga’s Succor” and “Loki’s Domain”. I didn’t do enough questing, and even despite the good card choices, I wasn’t able to win enough battles to significantly increase my stats.

I had fun though, and still came in 2nd place, which isn’t bad.

I apologize for the boring picture, my phone died and I forgot to bring my charger.




A friends came over for the big meetup on Saturday.

Imperial Settlers,

Viticulture: Essentials Edition
pic2649952_lg1-6 Players • 30 Minutes per player

IMG_20160226_202934339Designed by Morten Monrad Pedersen, Jeremy Stegmaier, and Alan Stone

I was amazed, because my friend had never played this one before. This was also my first time playing with just 2 players. Now that I’ve played with nearly all player counts, I have to say, it feels very balanced with all of them.

The 2-player game plays pretty quickly. I think we got it done in about an hour. Still a very solid game.



Dragon Punch
pic2838208_lg2 Players • 5-10 Minutes

IMG_20160226_211201775_HDRDesigned by Koen Hendrix

This one was okay. A little bland, and it’s the kind of game you’ll have to play a few times to learn the different cards and form a strategy.

I might play it again, might not. If I never did, I’d be okay with that.




Big monthly meetup at Cool Stuff.

The Resistance x3
pic25764595-10 Players • 30 Minutes

IMG_20160227_120854672Designed by Don Eskridge

I hadn’t played this one in a long time, and I had been wanting to try it again. I still enjoy it, but I think I enjoy games of this sort with less talking, or less trying to convince other players that you’re right or wrong.

During this game, I realized some things about the strategy of it, though. About rejecting teams, in order to make sure someone you think is on the resistance side is picking.

I had fun. I wouldn’t play this one all the time, but I do enjoy it.

I was part of the resistance in all 3 games, and we won 2 out of 3.



Terra Mystica
pic1356616_lg2-5 Players • 30 Minutes per player

IMG_20160227_142053442Designed by Jens Drögemüller and  Helge Ostertag

Finally got the chance to play this one again. This game was 3-players. I really really like this game. It’s definitely moving up with each play. The different races, with their different abilities make it such a different game every time.

In a way, it actually feels like a more complex Catan, but an overall much better game. I would totally own this if I had money to spend on it.

Two of us actually accidentally cheated, but it was one of our first times, and my second. We’ll remember for next time. It wasn’t anything super game breaking.



Eggs of Ostrich
pic17356633 Players • 10 Minutes

Designed by Shimpei Sato

We played a version that I made at school. A very fun, interesting game, short game, but with enough strategy to keep it interesting.

I made my own version of it, because it’s quite expensive being a Japanese import.

I forgot to take a picture, but you’ll see it next time I play.



A Game of Thrones LCG (2nd Ed.)
pic27833862-4 Players • 45-120 Minutes

IMG_20160227_180354204_HDRDesigned by Nate French and Eric M. Lang

Second time playing. We did a 4-player Melee, which was, to put it bluntly, too long. I was happy to get another game in, though. We called it early, but everyone enjoyed it.

I actually bought a core set that day, and ordered 2 more and the available Chapter Packs that night. But I made $75 selling games, so the core sets were covered by that.

I’m really excited to start deck building.



Imperial Settlers
pic2871265_lg2-4 Players • 45-90

Designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek

Hadn’t played this one in a long time, but a friend of mine wanted me to bring it. I really enjoy it. I played Japanese, and showed him their broken strategies. He didn’t want to play with the Atlanteans.




Some friends wanted to meet up and play some Game of Thrones and some other games. We had a good time.

Cuisine a la Card
pic2469213_lg2-4 Players • 15-45 Minutes

IMG_20160228_160040490_HDRDesigned by Dani Demarest

I’m not a big fan of deck building games, but this one was pretty fun. You buy ingredients cards, and then combine ingredients to submit to judges, which give you points as well as a special ability to use for the rest of the game.

It was fun, but maybe a little longer than I would have liked.

Not a bad game, I’d play again.






A Game of Thrones LCG (2nd Ed.) x3
pic27833862-4 Players • 45-120 Minutes

IMG_20160228_203408334_HDRDesigned by Nate French and Eric M. Lang

Played again with some friend’s decks. Got to try out a variety of strategies and things, and I really enjoyed it. I’m liking this game a lot. I really want to try a Stark/Night’s Watch deck focused on Direwolves, and a pure Greyjoy deck.






Russian Railroads
pic2729446_md2-4 Players • 30 Minutes per player

IMG_20160228_171253318_HDRDesigned by Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler

We played with the German Railroads expansion. This is my favorite worker placement game. I absolutely love it, and I feel like I get better every time I play. There’s so many paths and possibilities in the game, it’s just incredible.

The German Railroads expansion just adds a lot of really cool new stuff, like places where you build and choose which expansion to add, so everyone’s track is slightly different.


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