WIPLW (2/15/2016 – 2/21/2016)

I got very sick on Wednesday, so I wasn’t able to attend the regular meetup at Cool Stuff. Luckily I was feeling well enough later on in the week.


Regular Game Night at PCC. After tonight, I don’t think I’ll be doing this event anymore. There’s too many young kids, who just run around and make noise. It’s distracting and just makes for an unpleasant environment for people who actually want to play games.

pic2203147_lg2-4 Players • 60-90 Minutes

IMG_20160219_203325256Designed by Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert

I like Elysium. It’s got great flavor and it plays quickly enough that it doesn’t bog down.

This game was a learning game for the other two players, and even with that, one of them was only 1 point from tying with me.





Sunrise City
pic1296019_lg2-4 Players • 60 Minutes

IMG_20160219_225036736Designed by Isaias Vallejo

I had played this one a long time ago at one of the big Cool Stuff meetups, and I really enjoyed it. This time I was happy to get to play again. It was really cool, and I like the city-building aspect to it. I also really like the role cards and the bidding mechanism used.

Very solid game, I’d like to own this one.






Game Day at a friends house. Had a great time, very good host. And, despite it being a bit far, the drive was quite pleasant.

Quartermaster General x2
pic2020915_md2-6 Players • 90 Minutes

IMG_20160220_150105275IMG_20160220_162514843Designed by Ian Brody

This game just gets better and better the more times I play it. These two games in particular were just incredible.

The first game, I played my usual go-to, Japan, and scrounged up 5-point turns quickly. The Axis won that game fairly easily.

The second game, all the Allies switched decks with the Axis, so now I was on the Allies team, playing as the Soviet Union, and my god, was it punishing. I had great cards in my hand the whole game and I could barely do anything because Germany was pushing ridiculously hard, getting two of their best Status cards early in the game. It was a devastating loss that I was only starting to recover from just before the game ended.

I think everyone wanted to own the game after playing.




Russian Railroads – German Railroads
pic2729446_md2-4 Players • 90 Minutes

IMG_20160220_174350676Designed by Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler

This was my second time playing the German Railroads expansion, and my first time playing all the rules correctly, lol.

I really like what the German Railroads expansion adds, lots of decision-making, as always. I still really like Russian Railroads too, though. This is probably one of my favorite games, and without a doubt one of my favorite worker placement games.

I can’t wait to play again.





Blood Rage
pic2439223_lg2-4 Players • 90 Minutes

IMG_20160220_194015779Designed by Eric M. Lang

This was my ninth time playing this year, lol. I love this game, and it’s the type of game where if people want to play, I have no problem jumping in. I know the rules and the cards like the back of my hand at this point, and there’s always room to try new strategies.

This time I made one small, very minor mistake that cost me the game. It was still really close (I lost by 3 points, but if I didn’t make the mistake, I would have won by 1 point. Basically, I should have let my figures die in Ragnarok instead of leaving them on the board to score for Odin’s Throne. I won’t make that mistake again.

Overlords: The Card Game
pic18926442-4 Players • 30 Minutes

IMG_20160220_213158746IMG_20160220_214306273_HDRDesigned by Bill Paterno

Going in, after hearing the rules explanation, I expected this game to be too similar to Sushi Go, because it’s a drafting game, where you collect sets, and based on the different types of cards you play, you score points differently. But this was very different. You play all your cards into one “discard pile” of sorts, that you’re not allowed to look through, so you have to try and remember what cards you need or don’t need.

In addition, there’s the Overlord mechanic, where you play Hired Hand’s and on a turn where you have the Overlord card (which passes with each hand), you can activate the abilities of those hired hands. Very cool game, very unexpected, but very fun!

By the way, the Lich King/Medusa Combo I had is deadly! It probably won me the game.


pic1904079_lg2-4 Players • 30 Minutes

IMG_20160220_220939737_HDRDesigned by Marc André

I hadn’t played Splendor in a long time, and that’s mainly because I felt burned out on it after playing it a ton, and even in a tournament. And after playing it this time, I still feel burned out, it doesn’t feel all that fun anymore. I think it needs an expansion or something, to make it exciting again.

I won, but it just wasn’t that satisfying.







7 Wonders
pic860217_lg2-7 Players • 30 Minutes

IMG_20160220_234409152IMG_20160220_234558736Designed by Antoine Bauza

7 Wonders is another game I’ll pretty much always play. It’s fun and there’s always room to try new strategies. Like normally I go for science and war mainly, but this time I went an entirely different route. I stocked up on Gold/Commerce buildings and resources to build my wonders, which helped with Guilds in the end. I did no science at all, and only a little bit of war. It was very interesting.

I cam in second place, behind by only 3 points.

We played with both the Leaders and Cities expansion, and the Wonder Boards Pack. I like the expansions, but I do feel like they just add extra time to the game and set-up.


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