What I Played Last Week (1/25/2016 – 1/31/2016)

Wednsday (1/27/2016):

Regular Wednesday meetup at Cool Stuf.

I want to say that this day was not as great as it could have been. I was a little stressed out because I was driving around all day, buying things and hoping to find a working Coin Star machine (I never did). So that got me annoyed already, and then when I got to Cool Stuff, our usual spot was taken by some RPG nerds, so we had to sit in the middle of a bunch of people.

Mega Man: The Board Game
pic18774222-6 Players • 60-180 Minutes

IMG_20160127_185011975Designed by Jason Hawronsky and Matt Whitaker

Mega Man: The Board game was…underwhelming. A lot of the participants described it as “like Munchkin,” and, while I’ve never played Munchkin, I’ve heard how bad it can be.

Needless to say I did not enjoy this game, especially with as many people as we played with (6). We were also making a big rules mistake that was bothering me the whole time. I might be willing to try it again with less people.

I actually stepped out and left the game early because it was taking too long.


After this I wanted to play Abyss, and another friend of mine did too, so I got the stores copy and set it up. I had only played once before, so I was rusty on the rules. So I started refreshing myself, reading some parts of the rulebook as a refresher. And then everybody was just rushing me and pestering me and insisting that the game was played one way and that the rules were one way, and to just start the game already.

These people had never played the game before. So I got very stressed out and annoyed, it felt like they just wouldn’t leave me alone, and it really killed the mood for me. I just wanted to play a quick game of Abyss.

pic23275062-4 Players • 30-60 Minutes

pic2327506Designed by Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevallier

Normally I like Abyss, but this game was awful. My friend kept trying to rush through it, and kept trying to argue things, and it just made me really mad. I asked him if he actually wanted to play, and he said he did, but I didn’t get that impression at all.

I wasn’t having fun, and there was a lot of tension. I was happy when the game was finally over.

Forgot to take a pic of this one. So here’s the box again.





After Abyss, I just wanted to play something familiar, something I knew I would have a good time playing, and that was Blood Rage.

Blood Rage
pic2439223_lg2-4 Players • 60-90 Minutes

IMG_20160113_213421351Designed by Eric M. Lang

I know how to win Blood Rage, but I usually just do my own thing, try my own strategy. Not this game. I went in to win and I did. By a long shot.

There are definitely some strategies and some cards that are more powerful than others. I went for the Glorious Death, Release from Ragnarok strategy, where you want your figures to die, because they give you points through quests like Glorious Death and from Clan Upgrades like Loki’s Blessings.

This was the saving grace of the night. This was a really fun time.

Saturday (1/30/2016):

Met up at Cool Stuff to teach some friends how to play Android: Netrunner, but played a few other games while I was there. Afterwards, I went over a friends house for some more gaming.

Terra Mystica
pic1356616_lg2-5 Players • 60-150 Minutes

IMG_20160130_145202874_HDRDesigned by Jens Drögemüller and Helge Ostertag

I had been wanting to try this one since I heard about it. it looked like a heavier game, but interesting and fun. And I’m happy I finally did, because I really enjoyed it.

The different races, and how each player is playing slightly asymmetrical is really interesting. The gameplay itself is really interesting anyway, you’re terraforming lands so your race can settle there.

I really want to play again!





Android: Netrunner
pic13246092 Players • 45 Minutes

IMG_20160130_171012275Designed by Lukas Litzsinger and Richard Garfield

A few of my friends wanted to learn how to play Netrunner, so I taught them and it was pretty fun. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I used to, back when I played in League, but that’s mostly because I was using the recommended starter decks, rather than custom decks.

Honestly, though, after playing again this time, I don’t think I would really get into it again. I’m considering trying the Game of Thrones Card Game now, though. A friend picked it up, and if it’s good, I’ll definitely give it a shot.


Love Letter: Batman
pic22907652-4 Players • 20 Minutes

IMG_20160130_182505689_HDRDesigned by Seiji Kanai

I played the original Love Letter a long time ago, and I absolutely hated it. It seemed pretty random and the the design and art didn’t appeal to me.

Playing the Batman version appealed to me a lot more. I’m not a huge fan of Batman, but I recognized the characters and the graphic design was very much improved, and I actually enjoyed the gameplay quite a bit. It’s simple, but fun, and even though there’s player-elimination, the rounds are so short that it’s not a big deal.

Fireteam Zero x4
pic22080552-4 Players • 90 Minutes

IMG_20160130_231624951Designed by Mike Langlois and Christian Leonhard

We played 4 times because we failed miserably the first 3 times. The 4th time, we really worked together and beat Act 1 of the first mission. It was so exciting and tense, and I loved it!

It felt like we were gonna die a bunch of times, but we struggled through and beat it.

We’ll play Act II soon.




7 Wonders
pic860217_lg2-7 Players • 30 Minutes

Designed by Antoine Bauza

IMG_20160130_223055330We played just the base game with no expansions, and I gotta be honest, I think I like it best this way. It plays so quickly if everyone knows what they’re doing.  The Leaders expansion adds a bunch of time to the game, and while I like it, it’s just too much extra timewith people looking through the book trying to figure out what they do.

Cities is a little better. Still adds a bit of time to set up, but I think it’s more intuitive than Leaders, and doesn’t add too much time to the game.

I lost this one, I mean last place! That hasn’t happened in a long time!

Sunday (1/31/2016):

I wanted a little bit more gaming in before going back to school next week, so I met up with a few friends and played some games.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue x2
pic1129370_lg1-6 Players • 45 Minutes

IMG_20160131_175538287Designed by Kevin Lanzing

It’s been a long time since I got to play this. It never seems to make it to the table, but a friend of mine wanted to play.

This was my first time playing with the Vehicles, and it was really cool, I stuck with the deck gun a lot. We also played with Hazmat, where it appears when a blank POI marker pops up, and the special roles.

We lost the first game, but it was close, and then we won the second game.






Castle Panic
pic4969231-6 Players • 60 Minutes

IMG_20160131_185502866Designed by Justin De Witt

This is a game I’ve been wanting to try for a while, so I’m glad I finally got to. It was cool. Very simple, but easy to learn. I liked it a lot.

There was one point during the game where the blue sector was full of monsters, and then I pulled a Boulder out of the bag and it destroyed all of them! It was awesome!

We ended up winning.


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