What I Played Last Week (1/18/2016 – 1/24/2016)

Trying a new format this week.

Wednesday (1/20/2016):

Regular Wednesday meetup @ Cool Stuff.

Tides of Time
pic24867262 Players • 15-20 Minutes.

Designed by Kristian Čurla

I did a poor job explaining the rules, but I do enjoy this game. It was my opponents first time playing. I think he liked it, despite my bad rules explanantion.

We also got really odd starting hands, where the cards and their requirements for points didn’t really match up very well.






Russian Railroads
pic19004032-4 Players • 90-120 MinutesIMG_20160120_190357475

Designed by Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler

Two new players played with myself and a friend. We’ve played this game several times, him more than me. And somehow, in every game we’ve played until now, we didn’t realize we were making a fatal scoring error. My friend was devastated. I thought it was kind of funny, but I was also severely taken aback. I can’t believe we missed it so many times.







Blood Rage
pic2439223_lg2-4 Players • 60-90 Minutes

Designed by Eric M. Lang

IMG_20160120_205156557We’ve been playing this one a lot. I mean, I’ve played nearly 20 games of this at this point, and I’ve only won like 3 times. I think I know how to win, or at least how to do good in the game, I’m just very stubborn.

I know what a good strategy is, I just choose to do other things instead.

We’ve been playing with the Gods and Mystics expansions, and they’re really cool. I think they add a lot to the game.



Friday (1/22/2016):

Friend came over to go to the big meetup at Cool Stuff on Saturday. We played a few games.

Adventure Time: Card Wars
AT_CW_BOX_BMOvsRAIN2 Players • 30 Minutes

Designed by Matt Hyra and Cory Jones

IMG_20160122_203610942I’ve been looking for a card game with combos and synnergy among the cards for a very long time. I tried Vs. System, EPIC, and others, and I didn’t find it. I can tell you this, I didn’t expect to find it in Adventure Time Card Wars, but I asbolutely did.

Right from my opening hand I understood the strategy of my deck. I could see the combos flowing and the synnergy. I really really like this game. It’s just fantastic and I really want to play more.









pic25719212-4 Players • 30-60 Minutes

IMG_20160122_214628736_HDRDesigned by Reiner Knizia

This was my second time playing. I really like this game, but it’s very thinky. We played with 2 players, and I think with more players it would be even more chaotic.

Definitely want to play again some time.







Boss Monster 2
2-4 Players • 20-30 Minutes

IMG_20160122_224103015Designed by Johnny O’Neal and Chris O’Neal

This game was interesting. I liked it, kind of, but there are things I wish it did differently, like I think it would be a better game if one player played the boss and one player played the heroes, and the hero player was trying to get through the bosses level.

I also didn’t like how the heroes went to your dungeon (how they are attracted to your treasure). I just didn’t like that system.

Overall, it was an okay game. I’d like to try the first Boss Monster game and see how that one compares.





Saturday (1/23/2016):

Big Monthly Meetup at Cool Stuff. Had a blast! Played a bunch of new games!

pic2278942_lg2-6 Players • 90-120 Minutes.

Designed by Sebastian Bleasdale and Richard Breese

IMG_20160123_123155254IMG_20160123_133907871_HDRThis game was very interesting. It’s worker placement, but you’re also bidding on the places to add them to your own personal village. And each player doesn’t have their own color, every player has all colors (Red, Yellow, Blue, and sometimes the rarer Green).

We did mess up a few rules, but overall, I enjoyed it. There is kind of a lot to grasp, and you really have to manage yourself well, but I’d definitely play again.





Champions of Midgard
pic25482232-4 Players • 60-90 Minutes

Designed by Ole Steiness

IMG_20160123_144358144This was probably my favorite game of the day. It’s a fantastic worker placement game. And the theme and flavor is really nicely implemented.

A lot of people compare this one to Lords of Waterdeep, but to me it had a very different feel, in a good way. The dice combat really adds an interesting element to it.





Carson City
pic25291842-6 Players • 90-180 Minutes

Designed by Xavier Georges

IMG_20160123_172452475Carson City was a very interesting game. Another worker placement game, but this one involved building buildings and collecting money. And the way the resolution of actions works is it follows a path, and it resolves in order.

People can actually duel you and try to take the same action as you. Whoever wins the duel gets the action and the loser gets their meeple back (which counts as an extra meeple next round and an extra gun during the current round).

Very cool game. I’d play again, but I dunno if I’d own it.




Pizza Theory
pic1135828_lg2-3 Players • 10-15 Minutes

IMG_20160123_185902239_HDRDesigned by Greg Powers and Brian Powers

Pizza Theory wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be. I knew it was a simple game going in, but it just wasn’t that fun.

It felt too random, and it felt like too much of the game was up to chance, rather than actual strategy.

I probably won’t play this one again.




Dice City
pic25612292-4 Players • 45-60 Minutes

IMG_20160123_200623240Designed by Vangelis Bagiartakis

Dice City was an okay game. It almost feels like Imperial Settlers, but I feel like Imperial Settlers does the same thing only better.

One thing I don’t like about this game is that, you can attack other players buildings, but there’s so many buildings on each players board, that it’s too much to look at every players boards and figure out which building to attack, so you generally end up not attacking them at all.

And I feel like it takes too long to really get an engine going.

I wanted to like this one more, but I just didn’t.




pic2582929_md2+ Players • 15 Minutes

IMG_20160123_214205665_HDRVlada Chvátil

I like Codenames. It’s a good party game. We didn’t have a lot of time before the store closed, so this was a good choice for the end of the night.

It’s a hard game, though, especially to be the codemaster. I need to not get mad at my teammates in this one. Sorry guys!




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