What I Played Last Week (12/14/2015 – 12/20/2015)

Wednesday (12/16/2015):

Regular Wednesday meetup at Cool Stuff. About 8 or 9 people showed up.

Raid & Trade
Raid & Trade is a player vs. player game where players travel a post-apocolyptic world, trying to raid houses to gain resources and complete quests, gain favor with the council, and score skill points. It plays 3-6 players and lasts about 90 minutes.

IMG_20151216_175339688_HDROur game of Raid & Trade lasted longer than it should have and that’s partially due to playing a few rules wrong in the beginning. But I enjoyed it. I think the win condition takes a little too long, and because it’s decided by the players when the game ends, it can make the game last longer than it should. But overall I had a good time with it, and I would play it again.



Blood Rage
pic2439223_lgBlood Rage is a card drafting game mixed with elements of area control and player vs. player combat. It plays 2-4 players and lasts about 60-90 minutes.

IMG_20151216_214350765_HDRBy this time, you’ve heard me praise Blood Rage over and over. It’s a fantastic game, and it’s just always a blast to play. In this game, it seemed like I got all the right cards at the right time. Unfortunately, one mistake near the end of the game cost me the whole game. I still came in second though!





Friday (12/18/2015):

The Castles of Burgundy
pic1176894The Castles of Burgundy is a dice rolling and tile-placement game where players roll dice to take tiles or place tiles onto their board and score points by completing different areas. It plays 2-4 players and lasts from 45-120 minutes.

IMG_20151125_180056942I like the dice system in Castles. You roll dice and then you can take tiles from the area that corresponds to that number or place them on your board in areas that correspond to that number. If you don’t like your rolls, you can spend worker tokens to change the die rolls up or down by 1 number.

It’s a great game, but with higher player counts, it can go on pretty long. I played one 4 player game that lasted for 3 hours.




Saturday (12/19/2015):

South Florida Christmas Convention at Cool Stuff Games in Hollywood, FL. Has a blast! It’s always so much fun! 10 AM to 10 PM playing board games.

Dojo Kun
pic2572405_lgIMG_20151219_110430441_HDRDojo Kun is a worker-placement game mixed with tournament-style fighting. It plays 2-4 players and lasts from 60-90 minutes.

This was a really interesting game. It’s worker placement, but the workers you place are your fighters, and it matters which fighter you place where, because only that fighter will gain the benefit. After the worker-placement round, the fighters enter the tournament and chuck dice to see who wins, or vote on who you think is gonna win if you’re not participating.

It’s just a really interesting take on wotker placement. I enjoyed it.



Five Tribes
pic2055255Five Tribes is a mancala-style game where players move and drop meeples across the board and collect rewards or take actions based on their color. It plays 2-4 players and lasts from 45-60 minutes.

IMG_20151120_210226724I taught this to a new player and he ended up enjoying it. It’s a good game, but it can be very thinky at times.







Zombicide: Black Plague
pic2482309Zombicide: Black Plague is a cooperative zombie game where players must traverse the medieval landscape, fighting zombies and trying to complete one of many scenarios. It plays 2-6 players and lasts from 60-90 minutes.

IMG_20151219_151947894_HDRThis one didn’t do much for me. It felt like a typical zombie game, where you search for items (mostly just different weapons and items). The fighting wasn’t particularly interesting. The one thing it did have going for it, I think, was the player boards. They were well made.




Tides of Time x2
pic2486726Tides of a Time is a 2 player drafting game where players build their kingdom by playing cards and trying to score points by completing objectives. It plays 2 players and lasts about 15 minutes.

IMG_20151219_162906637_HDRI bought Tides of Time because it was so cheap (only about $7), and because I had heard great things about it from The Dice Tower. I really enjoyed it, it’s simple, but fun and there’s a surprising amount of strategy in what cards you choose.









Tiny Epic Galaxies
pic2349732_lgTiny Epic Galaxies is a 4x Dice game where players attempt to colonize planets by rolling dice and using the results to take actions. It plays 1-5 players and lasts about 45 minutes.

IMG_20151219_170613062_HDRI really liked this game. It was refreshing, for being a game with similar elements to other games like Eminent Domain, it handles it in a very different manner.

This was my favorite game of the day.




The Battle At Kemble’s Cascade
The Battle at Kemble’s Cascade is an old-school shoot-em-up style game where players move across a board and try to kill aliens, scoring points and collecting energy. It plays 2-5 players and lasts 75 minutes.

IMG_20151219_194304736_HDRThis game was very cool in theory, and the theming was spot on, but the gameplay was very very bad. The board, especially, made of these weird modular plastic rows, and a lot of fiddly rules, made it for an annoying experience.

I wouldn’t play this one again.










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