What I Played Last Week (8/17/15 – 8/23/15)

3 Meetups this week!

Wednesday (8/19/15):

Regular Wednesday Meetup at Cool Stuff Games in Hollywood, FL.

pic1885326This was my first time playing. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll know I’ve been trying to play a lot of Worker Placement games. I found this one really interesting and ended up liking it a lot.

It’s different from a typical worker placement game in that where you can go is restricted based on your current location. There’s a good balance and tightness to it. You really have to think about the decisions you make.

I’d definitely like to play this one again.


Lords of Waterdeep
pic1116080Another great worker placement game. We played with both expansion modules (Undermountain and Skullport). I always enjoy this one, so I had a good time.






pic759154_lgI’m not a big fan of this one, but we played because it’s quick and easy to teach everyone. I ended up wanting to play two more times for revenge! (I lost the first 2 games, so I wanted to at least win the 3rd…And I did!)

I don’t hate it as much as I did going in. I saw a little bit more strategy in it this time, and ralized that it’s actually kind of hard to really get what you need.




Friday (8/21/15):

Gaming Meetup at my parents’ church. This was the first one we had there. We ended up having a very good turnout. It was pretty divided between kids/families and gamers, but everyone was friendly and it was a good time.

Archaeology: The Card Game
pic1432672_lgThis is a good filler game. It’s a lot tighter with 4 players, though. I felt like I never really had anything of high value in my hand.

I had a good time with it, though. It’s easy to play and teach and I enjoy set collection.

I think I would prefer to play it with 2 or 3 players versus 4, but it’s not bad with 4.




Roll For It
pic1638562This was my first time playing. It’s another nice little filler dice game. I like that there’s an element of press-your-luck to it.

The gameplay is really really simple, but it’s engaging enough to keep it interesting.





pic2558560_lgThis is one I had been wanting to play for a while, and I’m glad I finally got to.

I really enjoyed it. There’s conflict, but it’s not overwhelming, and there’s no player elimination, which I appreciate.

Overall, I would definitely like to play this one again, my only complaint is that the game can take up a lot of table space, but that’s a really minor complaint.



Wits & Wagers
pic521431_lgI had only played this one once before. We had 7 players.

This one gets a lot of praise, but it honestly fell pretty flat for me. It’s decent, but I’m really not a fan of the betting aspect, and I didn’t find the questions to be very interesting at all.

I probably wouldn’t play this one again.



After the meetup, my friend and I went back to my house and we played a few more games.


Eminent Domain: Microcosm
pic2521236_lgThis is one of the best micro games I’ve ever played. It’s a really solid 2-player-only adaptation of Eminent Domain.

It was a little confusing understanding all the role cards, but after we got the hang of it, it was great.






Imperial Settlers
pic2000680I always enjoy this one. I played Egyptians, my friend played Barbarians. He ended up beating me by 2 points!

Like Evolution, this one can take up a lot of table space, but it’s a really great game.





Saturday (8/22/15):

Tom Vasel monthly meetup at Cool Stuff Games in Hollywood, FL.

Evolution x3
pic2558560_lgMy friend ended up buying it after we both had so much fun with it at the church meetup. This was the first game we played for the day. It was just the two of us and I like how it plays with 2.

Later in the day we played a 4-player game, and then a 6-player game. I like that it can go up to 6 players, but I don’t like how hard it is to really pay attention to what everyone is doing.

This has quickly become one of my new favorite games!

Steam Park
pic1722905_lgThis was my first time playing. It’s a really interesting game. Some quick dice play, and then you have to manage where you place your rides and stands. Lots of interesting choices to make.

I really enjoyed it and I’d like to play again.




7 Wonders
pic860217_lgThis was one of my friend’s first time playing. I had probably my best game of this ever. I scored 36 points with Science, plus even more with war and civilian buildings, it was great!

I think everyone had a good time with it. This is one of my favorite games.




After 7 Wonders, we played the other 2 games of Evolution, then my friend and I headed back to my house. And another friend joined us shortly afterward.

Eminent Domain: Microcosm
pic2521236_lgI’m really starting to like this one. For a micro-game, it’s surprisingly deep, and has more strategy and interesting card play than any other micro-game I’ve played.

It’s so simple, but for such a small number of cards, the game really packs a punch.




After this game, the other friend showed up.

pic2258055_lgThis was one of my friend’s first time playing. He had a good time.

I love this game a lot, and everyone enjoyed it. I ended up winning with a lot of money!






Super Dungeon Explore
pic1001002My friend literally owns everything you can get for this game. This was mine and my other friend’s first time playing.

Our only dungeon crawl experience before this was one game of Descent: Journeys in the Dark, and this just blows that out of the water.

I had a great time with this one, even if we did stay up ’til 3 AM playing it.


Overall, this has been a great week for boardgaming! Tons of stuff played, great new games to try, just a really fun time!


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I love board gaming! I would do it every day if I could.
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