First Impressions – Steam Park

pic1722905_lgSteam Park is a game with elements of simultaneous-dice-rolling and city-building, designed by Aureliano Buonfino, Lorenzo Silva and Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino and published by IELLO.

Steam Park is a game about building theme parks…sort of. The theme is a little pasted on, essentially you’re rolling dice, and using the die results to perform different actions. Each die face, except the blank side, has a different action (Tools let you build rides, a pile of dirt lets you play a bonus card, a tent lets you build a stand, and so on). The objective of the game is to collect the most money by the end of the sixth round.

IMG_20150822_145854950_HDREach player controls their own, individual theme park, in which they need to build rides and stands, attract guests, and clean up the dirt left from those guests (among other things). Each Ride you build gives you more spaces to place guests, and each stand you build gives you a special ability. You can expand your park by using any die face. Scoring happens with Bonus Cards. Each bonus card gives you money for achieving some goal, for instance, having black rides in your park. You gain more money depending on how many spaces those rides take up. Other cards might require you to roll certain die faces or different die faces, or have a certain number of guests in your park.

IMG_20150822_145848957At the end of the sixth round, the player with the most money wins the game. You get money by completing Bonus Cards, and at the end of each round, any guests in your park also give you money, but you lose money at the end of the game based on the amount of dirt in your park that you didn’t clean up.

Steam Park is a fairly simple game, but it has a lot of fun and interesting mechanics. I enjoyed the fast-paced dice-rolling and the variable powers that each stand has. I would love to play this one again.


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