My First Gaming Meetup

Before I started going to gaming meetups, I only really got to play games at game nights I hosted twice a month. About a year ago, I noticed that my FLGS started doing Tom Vasel Board Game Meetups once a month, and I thought that sounded cool. I follow The Dice Tower on YouTube, so I was familiar with Tom Vasel, and I thought another chance to play games would be great. I asked a friend to come along, and we had a good time, and so we went back the next time, and the time after that.

For the first few meetups, we mostly played games together, but as we became more comfortable with the environment of the meetup, we started asking other players if they’d like to join us, or if we could join them. At one meetup, my friend couldn’t make it, so I was basically forced to seek out other players. I ended up playing games with some really great people, and had a blast!

Now I go to the big monthly meetup once a month in addition to hosting at my place twice a month, and I’ve recently started going to more casual meetups on Wednesday nights. In addition, the church that my parents attend is starting board game nights once a month. So now I get to play games a lot more often than I used to.

Somewhere along the line, I found out about, a website where you can join meetup groups that will post upcoming meetups and let you comment and talk about the upcoming or past meetups. I found a board game group that coincided with the Tom Vasel meetups I already went to, and as a result I’ve found even more meetups to attend, and even started a few of my own.

If it wasn’t for that first time, branching out and going to that first Tom Vasel Boardgame Meetup, I’d still be stuck playing games just twice a month.

In my follow up post, I’ll try to give some advice about what you should do if you’re attending a new board game meetup.


About The imperial Settler

I love board gaming! I would do it every day if I could.
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2 Responses to My First Gaming Meetup

  1. GaryBoyd says:

    When I first started going to our local FLGS it was kind of scary. Everyone seemed to know everyone else. I didn’t know anyone. But as I continued to go, even to just hang out, I became more a part of the community.

    Unfortunately, right now I’m unable to attend much because of some health issues. But I hope to get back to it soon.


    • The imperial Settler says:

      The FLGS I go to was one that I went to a lot when I played Yu-Gi-Oh, so I was familiar with the location, but I wasn’t friends or even acquaintances with any of the board game players until the first few meetups. I hope your health problems improve.


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